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Chris Jones Taxi Privacy Policy

Chris Jones Private Hire - Privacy Policy

Chris Jones Private Hire is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information.

If you make an enquiry we ask you to email or complete an online form.  We collect your telephone number and/or email address and perhaps your name and address so we can provide you with the information you request.  If you subsequently decide to make a booking we may ask for further contact details.

We may use your information in the future, in a limited way, to inform you about our services.  We will stop if you ask us to.  We may keep your information for a reasonable amount of time unless you don't want that to happen.  We will not pass your contact information to any other party.

Our pages on this website use third party agents to collect basic information about your Internet browser to help us form our website to suit our regular visitors.  These agents also collect the IP address of your Internet connection and might use this address to identify your country and other location details.  This information, which is not always accurate, helps us to further understand the needs of our web site visitors.  If you allow it, the agents will use cookies on your computer to record multiple visits.

Session cookies are also used to enhance your browsing experience and certain functions might not work as intended if cookies are disabled.

No other cookies are used on this website.

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